Saturday, August 27, 2011

club penguin news

Mountain game thing:

Here is a video of how to conquer the mountain:

Here is a video of easier ways to conquer the mountain:

Go to Speek TV's youtube channel to watch a cool video of a sled racing glitch.

Speek TV Episode news:
Speek TV party and/or messing around videos may occur sometime this week (I going to try and get a video out once a week or 2). If you want to be in the video please comment bellow

Hurricane Irene:
I am directly in the path of hurricane Irene. I may post some videos on my old youtube channel (Joycin123). If I loose power I may be out for a few days after Sunday (August 29th).

Here is a link for Joycin123. There are a few old videos of speek. That includes my old friends lists (I will have a new friends list at the end of the month). Also my old channel has a video of my interview with Bikeboy93 (beta). Here is a link:

Have a good weekend. Please stay safe if you are in the path of hurricane Irene.

From Speek.

P.S. Speek is trying to get a Twitter account for you guys.
P.S.S. Speek is also trying to get a facebook page.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Speek Tv

Hey guys,

I will be beginnning my update posts every friday. I will try to make Speek Tv Episodes every Friday.

Hopefully I can do this. Its kind of hard getting but into groove of things. I have not been blogging in over 2 years.

I will be having interviews on Speek Tv. Anyone who wants an interview please comment bellow

I will also be doing mess around videos. Where I just mess around with people.

Hope everyone is well. I have going to start everything up this Friday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some news

Hey guys I have made Speek his own youtube channel. Here's the link


It will be a commenting contest


Apperance on Speek Tv

Have fun

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sorry Guys I have been busy for a little while. I am going on vacation Friday and will be out next week. After I return I will begin a contest. The date will be July 24th.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Party review

Thank you everyone who showed up to my party. Just kidding no one did. I did not expect a huge crowd. I haven't had successfull parties even when my site was doing spectacularly well. The biggest party I ever had was 20 people way back in March of 2009. That sounds like a lot but that was but a fraction of a fraction in the amount of total viewers I recieve in a day, during that time. Even though the party was a bust. I managed to see some really cool people. I saw one of my favorite famous penguins Graser 8. I saw a new a famous guy named Jmann93. I say new famous because I was blogging before he even had a penguin. I also met 3 imposter moderators, Happy77, Gizmo and Rsnail. Apperently an imposter Billybob was there but I didn't get to see him. I can't believe that people would make imposter penguins. It kind of scares me a little. Anyway here are some pictures